It’s no surprise that hardwood floors are a popular choice among homeowners in the greater Nicholasville area. They are durable, beautiful, and can add great value to your home. At Floor Coverings International Lexington, we provide our customers with top tips to help you stay up to date on the latest trends in flooring. Today, we share three different design ideas for your next hardwood project.

Ebonized hardwood floor in KY

Ebonized Wood

When you think of ebony, you instantly think of luxury: it’s rare, stunningly beautiful, and also quite expensive! Nowadays, ebony is a highly protected wood that has very limited use, and certainly isn’t an option for flooring. Luckily, that same ebony look can be achieved with certain hardwoods such as walnut and cherry and a process that uses iron acetate. Unlike staining, this process creates a chemical reaction that changes the color of the wood, turning its surface anywhere from a deep brown to a dark black

Hardwood with matte finishMatte Finishes

More often than not, hardwood floors are known for their glossy or polished appearance that reflects light and makes you want to take your socks for a slide. However, for a look that combines rustic charm with a modern twist, consider going the opposite direction with a beautiful matte finish. Matte finishes bring the natural look of your hardwoods to the forefront, and provide a certain warmth that is hard to attain with a glossier finish.

Blonde Floors

Looking for an even more modern design? Combine that matte finish with blonde hardwood. Neutral tones and natural aesthetics are on the rise, and blonde floors are a great way to brighten up your home without making it feel unbalanced. Light hardwood floors are also great for busier areas, and hide dirt and wear better than darker alternatives. If you’re considering light floors, be sure to look at species such as maple, birch, and bamboo.

If you are ready to upgrade your floors to hardwood, call Floor Coverings International Lexington today to schedule your free, in-home design consultation. We provide our customers with a great selection, expert advice, and professional installation.

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