glass tile Nicholasville, KYTile flooring is a favorite among many Nicholasville homeowners. It’s durable, easy to clean, and can be found in an endless variety of beautiful options. Over the years, tile has expanded far beyond standard ceramic, porcelain, and slate. Use this list of four non-traditional tile ideas from Floor Coverings International Lexington as inspiration to branch out into a world outside the “norm” for your bathroom, kitchen, or backsplash!

1. Glass Tiles

For a brightness and sheen like few other materials can provide, consider glass tile. Glass tiles are available in a range of colors and patterns. Best of all, they’re often made from recycled glass, which makes them especially appealing for the eco-conscious homeowner.

2. Wood Tiles

Wood tiles come in two forms: actual wood tiles (instead of planks) or traditional tile materials printed to look like wood. If you’ll be tiling an area prone to moisture, favor the latter. While it’s possible to find ceramic and porcelain tiles artfully designed to resemble wood, they are also available in vinyl and linoleum.

3. Metal Tiles

This is a truly special tile option for those who are simply not satisfied with ordinary. Metal tiles can be made of aluminum, steel, or plated versions of silver, copper, and bronze. Metal tiles can simulate artsy, edgy industrial settings or luxurious gold looks. Of course, metal tiles should be used selectively and with an eye for design. One thing you can be sure of with metal tiles is they will certainly make a statement in your Nicholasville home.

4. Travertine

While travertine is a natural stone that has been used for centuries, it’s been used less in recent decades. However, this soft limestone can bring an intriguing look that combines both earthy and crystalline elements. While travertine is naturally soft and porous, it can be finished and sealed to enhance its durability. While not recommended for areas prone to excessive moisture, it can be beautiful in a great room, dining room, foyer, or sunroom.

Today’s tile options bring more design possibilities to your home or workplace than ever before. Consider these non-traditional tile materials when “ordinary” just won’t do. Contact your local experts at Floor Coverings International Lexington today to schedule a free in-home design consultation!


Photo: © Artazum