vinyl floors LexingtonVinyl flooring has progressed light years in the past decade. It has become much more durable and resilient over the years. It stands up to active households, dirt, kids, pets, and food spills of all kinds. There are now countless styles and colors that convincingly mimic more traditional flooring types at a much lower cost. Its style versatility is what makes it a favorite here at Floor Coverings International Lexington. Read on to learn about some of the design possibilities of vinyl.

Stone Tiles Without the Cost

Many Lexington and Nicholasville homeowners are drawn to the beauty of natural stone materials. However, some are put off by the cost and maintenance required of slate, travertine, and other specialty stone tile materials. Fortunately, innovations in the imaging and printing capabilities onto the vinyl itself have opened up a more affordable option. Vinyl tiles are available in just about any stone tile look you can imagine, and it takes far less effort to install and maintain. Get the look of your favorite stone tile (as well as ceramic or porcelain) at a significantly lower cost with vinyl flooring.

Wood Looks

This innovation in printing technologies doesn’t stop at natural stone. The high definition imaging even makes it possible for vinyl to mimic the look of wood grain, thus being able to capture the aesthetic of real hardwood flooring. Find your ideal wood color, grain, and plank size in vinyl flooring, and you’ll save money on material, installation, and upkeep. This option is especially ideal when you desire the look of a wood floor in areas that are prone to moisture, such as a kitchens, bathrooms, mudrooms, laundry rooms, or basements.

Mix and Match Tiles

Vinyl tile flooring doesn’t have to be uniform. If you can’t decide on just one style, consider installing two or more different complementary styles in an appealing pattern to add interest to large spaces in your Lexington home.

Get Textured

If you’re partial to a textured flooring look, vinyl makes it very easy to achieve such a style. From very pronounced textures that bring both design and non-slip benefits, to subtler textures that mimic fabric or leather, you can have your pick of appealing, tactile surfaces.

Make a Bold Statement

The affordability of vinyl means it can be replaced within your budget more readily than other flooring types. It is also easier to remove than tile or wood, and in many cases it can just be covered over with new flooring. With this in mind, don’t be afraid to take a stand and make a bold statement with your flooring. If a bright, unconventional color or pattern catches your eye, vinyl allows you to indulge your style and fashion sense without breaking your budget. When the trend has run its course, you can easily change the look with a more traditional vinyl flooring choice or a brand new material altogether.

Vinyl flooring has come a long way, bringing homeowners more options than ever before. Use these design and décor ideas to inspire you to make the most of the possibilities of this versatile material. Contact Floor Coverings International Lexington today for a free in-home estimate!


Photo: © Dagmar Breu