With all the options for hardwood flooring out there, it can be an overwhelming task to narrow them down to a single variety, finish, and style. To help you with this, Floor Coverings International Lexington brings you this guide to help you choose the perfect hardwood floors for your Lexington home. Here are some of the key elements to consider.

Domestic vs. Exotic Hardwood

hardwood flooring LexingtonHardwood variety is arguably the most important choice when it comes to the foundation of your floor’s appearance. Each variety has its own unique coloration and grain pattern. From a broader perspective, however, each variety is described as either domestic or exotic.

Domestic hardwoods are grown and harvested in the continent of North America. These woods tend to be cheaper due to their ease of access. They also appear less dramatic and striking than most exotic hardwoods. By contrast, exotic hardwoods originate beyond the continent of North America, and they tend to have more intricate and dramatic grain patterns as well as more vivid colorations. While more dramatic for your Lexington home, they also cost more than most domestic varieties of hardwood.

Gloss and Finish

A finish increases a hardwood floor’s lifespan by protecting it from general wear and tear. However, the finish also has a profound effect on your hardwood floor’s appearance. When deciding on the finish for your new floor, be sure to keep in mind two factors: color and sheen.

When it comes to color, finishes can be clear or colorful. For example, the gray hardwood trend currently taking over the upscale marketplace is the result of a finish rather than a particular wood variety. You can even apply bright colors such as blue or red to your hardwood floors to give them a trendy vibe. But a finish also bestows a floor with a sheen. The sheen, or reflectivity, of a finish can be described using four standard categories. They are matte, satin, semi-gloss, and gloss, in order from least to most shiny. You should know, however, that residential floors rarely go beyond a semi-gloss sheen.

Plank Width

hardwood planks LexingtonFinally, plank width has a dramatic effect on the overall look of your hardwood floors. The classic image of a hardwood floor represents a standard width, but narrow and wide widths are options that are often available for installation. In particular, narrow planks can make a room appear more intricate, especially when installed in a pattern such as classic herringbone. Wide planks, on the other hand, can make your Lexington home appear more open and spacious. Their greater width will also allow for more of the wood’s natural grain pattern to stand out.

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