An article about Hardwood floor installation in Lexington KY and vicinity. Hardwood flooring can add value to your home and an attractive, new look to any area. Once you’ve chosen hardwood flooring, you must decide whether to install it yourself or hire a professional. Whether you decide to install the floor yourself or hire someone else depends on your past experience and the quality you want to achieve.

No matter who handles the hardwood floor installation, the wood needs a few days to acclimate to the temperature and humidity of the room. While this can be achieved in three or four days, some experts recommend that the hardwood floor acclimates for two weeks or more to ensure that joints remain tight after installation. The time for the wood to acclimate can vary by wood species and if the floor is site-finished or pre-finished. Let the experts at Coverings international in Lexington KY handle these important aspects of hardwood floor installation.

Hardwood floor installation creates a lot of dust, so you may want to prepare the room by hanging plastic sheeting over doorways and secure towels or rags over air vents. This will help keep the rest of your house clean as you complete your hardwood floor installation.

Since hardwood floor installation requires a number of power tools such as nailing machines and pneumatic staplers, it’s most common to have a professional handle this job. Although you may be able to rent these tools, the lack of familiarity may lead to mistakes or worse – injury. Installation of hardwood floors is best left to the professionals. Turn to Floor Coverings international in Lexington KY for hardwood installation.