Area Rugs Nicholasville LexingtonIf you’re looking for an easy way to infuse new style into your home and boost your flooring’s durability, look no further than area rugs. Area rugs are incredibly popular in Lexington and the greater Nicholasville area, and at Floor Coverings International Lexington, we’re proud to serve as your area rug providers.

Area Rug Advantages

Area rugs offer homeowners a host of advantages from style to flooring protection. When you choose to install an area rug in your home, you’ll enjoy….

Added Protection for Your Flooring—Area rugs create a buffer between your flooring and the outside world. Whether your floors need additional protection from high foot traffic, pets, furniture, or more, area rugs can extend the life of the flooring beneath and help your floors look newer for longer.

Sound Reduction—One of the advantages of area rugs that homeowners might not expect is their ability to dampen sound in the home. Area rugs are often applied over hard surface flooring, which can amplify sounds on its own. Adding an area rug, though, allows some of the sound in the room to be absorbed; talk about a benefit for busy families with young children and pets!

A Design Refresh—Of course, area rugs are most known for their ability to breathe new life into a space. Adding an area rug infuses your room with new colors, patterns, and textures; area rugs are such a crucial element of interior design that most designers start planning a room from its rug.

Find Your Area Rug Today

At Floor Coverings International Lexington, we strive to help homeowners find the perfect area rug to serve their needs. Call us today to start working with us in your area rug search; whether you find a rug from our vast selection or would like us to assist you in ordering the rug of your dreams, there’s sure to be an option that works for your home.

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