Berber carpets are a popular carpet choice in the Lexington area because of the nearly endless selection of style choices and the increased durability and stain resistance that this flooring type boasts. At Floor Coverings International Lexington, we carry a broad selection of Berber carpets and are sure to berber carpet in lexington, kyhave an option that fits your particular needs.  Read on to learn just how much Berber carpets can offer to your home.

All About Berber Carpets

Berber carpets are loop style carpets, originally found in North Africa.  While Berber carpets are known for their light color scheme with flecks of darker coloring among the loops, today’s Berber carpets come in a nearly endless selection of colors, shapes, sizes, textures, and patterns, so there is guaranteed to be one that will meet your needs.  Berber carpets are also famous for their durability – Berber’s loops make it a good fit for highly trafficked areas of your home, and those loops even help prevent staining.  When something is spilled on your Berber carpet, the loops will help keep the liquid to the carpet’s surface, not allowing it to sink down to your carpet’s pad.  That useful trick makes Berber a smart choice for pet owners or families with young children.

Our experts are ready to bring samples into the comfort of your home so you can see how different carpet styles go with your home furnishings. With recent advancements in Berber, you can now choose to have loops of different sizes or even multiple colors in your carpet, which provides yet another way to create the look and feel you are hoping for.

Contact Floor Coverings International of Lexington today to talk with a design expert, go over any questions you have, or to see our great selection of flooring options.

Our Local Approach to Berber Carpets

“As such a popular carpet choice, Berber is known for its hardiness and affordability – we’ll help you make your flooring decision easy and stress-free!” – Jonathan Wilk, Owner
Berber Carpet Ocean Isle NC

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