plush carpet LexingtonPlush carpet is one of the most traditional carpet styles in homes throughout Lexington, KY, yet it remains one of the most popular due to its soft feel and amazing versatility. Today, plush carpet comes in an almost limitless array of colors, patterns, and styles. In addition to its style versatility, it has many great practical benefits. Read on to learn if plush carpet is the right choice for your Lexington home!

Plush Composition

To understand the makeup of plush carpet, you need to understand carpet pile. The term “pile” refers to the fibers that form the surface of the carpet. Plush carpets have a relatively high, evenly cut pile with a slight twist to each fiber. This pile formation results in the tendency to show footprints and vacuum tracks. If this is a problem, you may want to consider purchasing a plush carpet with a textured surface. If you want to avoid this altogether, it may be best to select a trackless carpet, such as frieze.

Beloved Qualities of Plush Carpet

Plush carpet has a lot of great qualities that make it a beloved choice for many Lexington homeowners. It is relatively low maintenance, making it a popular choice for busy families and high-traffic areas of the home. Most modern plush carpets are pretreated to resist soil and stains, which further enhances their durability. In addition to its ability to hold up to daily wear and tear, perhaps plush carpet’s most appealing quality is the luxurious soft feel it provides. Plush carpet pile is especially dense, giving it an extra comfortable softness underfoot. This quality makes it a great choice for rooms where comfort and relaxation is of utmost importance, such as bedrooms and dens. The coziness plush carpet offers is unsurpassed by most other carpet styles.

With so many choices in fibers, styles, colors, and patterns, it’s smart to start your carpeting purchase with a free in-home design consultation and estimate from Floor Coverings International Lexington. Contact us today to schedule yours!


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Photo: © Oksana Kuzmina