Floor Coverings International of Lexington carries cork flooring which is a great eco-friendly flooring option that has many other benefits as well. Many customers choose cork flooring because of its easiness to clean, durability and cushion which feels nice on the feet and the body.

Cork floors are a great option for many parts of the house including the kitchen. Since the cork layer is coated with a protective layer, the floor is easy to clean and more durable. The cork layer is bouncy, which makes it easier to stand on than hardwood floors and other flooring options.

For more information, to answer any questions you have, or to see our selection of cork flooring, contact Floor Coverings International of Lexington today. Our design experts can help you decide whether cork flooring is the perfect flooring option for your project.

A Note From Our Owner

“Cork flooring is a really great alternative to other flooring types because it’s so practical and durable. Our customers are always satisfied with their cork floors. Contact us today to learn more and to see flooring samples!” – Jonathan Wilk, Owner