Hand-scraped hardwood flooring Lexington, KYHand-scraped hardwood flooring has become a decorative trend within recent years as more and more Lexington homeowners are opting for this unique look in their homes. Hand-scraped wood, often called hand-sculpted wood, is what the name implies. The planks are altered with different tools that create scratches and divots in the wood. The goal is for the flooring to look worn and older than it is.


Although the style of hand-scraped wood is relatively new as an interior design style, the concept is centuries old. People believe it to have been used first in the 1600s, but back then it had a different intention. Hand-scraping wood floors was to scrape away uneven parts of the wood in order to create a flatter, more even surface. Today most people are trying to achieve the opposite. They want an ages-old looking floor with intentional divots and buffs that add character.

Benefits & Downsides

If you’re thinking of installing hand-scraped hardwood flooring in your home, you should take into consideration the benefits and the downsides. One benefit to this unique style is it will likely differ from most other floors, giving your home a special look of its own. It can help achieve a chic décor style, creating an antique rustic atmosphere in your Lexington home. Hand-scraped hardwood can also come in both solid and engineered varieties, giving you flexibility in what part of your home you want to install the floors. You can choose to what degree the wood planks are scraped and buffed. This allows you some power of customization to decide how distressed you want your floors to look.

However, this type of flooring can sometimes be harder to clean, as dirt can get stuck more easily in the divots and cracks. Most hand-scraped hardwood flooring planks have a protective seal applied to them to prevent this, but it is still common. Another downside, one that is not applicable to everyone, is that if you’re considering selling your house in the near future, potential buyers might not like this flooring style. It’s a unique look that’s not for everybody.

We’re Here to Help!

Hand-scraped hardwood flooring is an increasingly popular trend for interior designs. It can add beautiful, unique character to a home. If you are considering installing this flooring style in your own home, contact Floor Coverings International Lexington today to schedule a free in-home design consultation and estimate. From the initial measurements to the cleanup after installation, we are here to help you through the entire process.


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Photo Credit: Kunal Mehta