maple hardwood floors Nicholasville, KYMaple hardwood flooring provides a light, smooth look that can open up any room. Floor Coverings International Lexington offers a variety of lovely maple flooring options. It’s a great wood floor option for those looking for an attractive and versatile solution. Read on to learn more about maple wood flooring and find out if it’s the right choice for your Nicholasville home.

Durability & Style

Maple ranks high on the Janka hardness scale (a scale that rates the hardness of all hardwood flooring species), making it a great choice for areas that receive a lot of foot traffic. While traditionally a light blond color, the shade and tone of maple flooring can differ depending on its age, the area where it was grown, and how the trees were cultivated. This type of wood comes in three different grain varieties that provide you with further customization and style options for the floors in your Nicholasville home. Flame maple displays wavy red lines, and it’s often used in the construction of acoustic guitars and other string instruments. The grain patterns of quilted maple resemble ripples on the surface of water. The third variety, bird’s eye maple, has a distinctive grain pattern that looks like tiny, swirling eyes throughout the wood.

In addition to the different types of maple flooring, like other hardwood, maple can be finished in almost any color imaginable. Because of its natural beauty, however, most Nicholasville homeowners prefer to use a clear finish that protects the maple flooring while letting its true color and grain show through.

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To discover which maple hardwood flooring option is best for your space, call Floor Coverings International Lexington today to schedule a free in-home design estimate. Our mobile showroom carries over 3,000 flooring samples, so we can show you what the various styles would look like among the lighting and decor of your own home. Our local team of experts will be there to assist you and answer any questions you may have. Get started today, and let us help you achieve your dream floors!


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