Oak flooring adds an air of warmth, beauty, richness and tradition to any room and is one of the most popular species of hardwood flooring for homes in Central Kentucky. Oak hardwood flooring comes in so many colors, finishes and board widths and is among the most affordable species used for hardwood flooring. It can be matched to virtually any style or décor in almost any room of your home. It can be elegant or rustic, it can be contemporary or traditional. You can even intermingle different board widths or stain colors to create a unique, custom look for your home.

Oak’s neutral tones make it a popular choice for wood flooring Lexington because it can be stained to a nearly limitless number of hues. Both red and white oak rank high in the hardness scale, giving them added durability and resistance against scrapes and dents. Although highly durable, solid oak flooring can be refinished multiple times enabling it to last a lifetime.

Oak hardwood flooring is also available in what is called an engineered hardwood floor. This is not a laminate, but rather oak hardwood glued to multiple layers of other wood (often poplar or pine). This method of construction gives dimensional stability to the floor enabling it to be installed in places you couldn’t otherwise install a hardwood floor, like on a cement or concrete subfloor. It is also eco-friendly because it takes fewer trees to make the same amount of flooring. For this reason, most environmentally-conscious manufacturers are now making their most popular flooring in an engineered format. Although most engineered floors have durable finishes that resist scratches and warranties that go as high as 25 years, most engineered hardwood floors can not be refinished like a solid hardwood floor can.   

If you love the appearance of oak hardwood flooring but not the cost of a traditional hardwood floor, consider choosing laminate flooring in an oak grain. You won’t get the long-lasting benefits or a permanent, solid hardwood floor, but you’ll still be able to choose from a variety of  styles, colors and widths. Let the experts at Floor Coverings International in Lexington help you choose the right oak flooring for your home.