Prefinished flooring, some purists in Lexington say, can never match the beauty of a site-finished hardwood floor. To those flooring enthusiasts, we say technology has come a long way!  Both prefinished (“factory finished”) and unfinished (“site-fiPrefinished Hardwood Flooring in Lexington KYnished”) hardwood floors have their advantages, and often, the option that’s right for you comes down to the demands of your particular project.  Read on to learn more about prefinished hardwood flooring, and find out if it’s a fit for your next Lexington area hardwood flooring renovation.

What are Prefinished Hardwood Floors?

A floor’s finish refers to the final protective layers of coating applied to hardwood flooring.  The finish helps better protect your hardwood floors from stains and scratches, and it can also be used to change the appearance of some hardwood flooring types; for example maple hardwood flooring is often finished in darker stains to better match a homeowner’s aesthetic tastes.  In the case of prefinished hardwood flooring, these final layers are applied in the factory setting.  For unfinished hardwood flooring, the finish is applied on-site, often in the customer’s home.

What Advantages Does Prefinished Flooring Offer

Opting for prefinished hardwood flooring offers a number of advantages to Lexington homeowners. Because your flooring is finished in the manufacturing setting, there’s less room for human error.  In fact, some say that pre-finished hardwood floors are more beautiful than site-finished flooring because of their even coloration and uniformity.  In addition to the look, manufacturers like Shaw Floors Inc. have made some incredible advances in prefinished flooring technology by integrating hard wearing elements like aluminum oxide; the result is that your prefinished floors will be incredibly durable.  In fact, the manufacturers put so much stock in their prefinishing process that most offer 25 year warranties on prefinished floors.  Choosing to work with prefinished flooring for your project will also, of course, save you time during the installation process.  Many homeowners are interested in having their hardwood flooring project completed as soon as possible, and prefinished flooring helps make this possible.

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No matter what side you choose, it’s hard to ignore the convenience of prefinished flooring in Lexington, KY. If you’re looking for a beautiful hardwood solution, prefinished flooring may be an option for you. Contact Floor Coverings International in Lexington KY for a free in-home consultation.

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