slate tile in LexingtonHomeowners in the Lexington, Georgetown, Richmond areas looking for a sleek and timeless tile floor have a number of different options. One popular natural stone choice is slate. Slate has a number of lovely qualities while also offering a durable surface that’s suitable for various areas of the home. Read on as Floor Coverings International Lexington explores some of the reasons why slate tile is a good choice for many homes.

About Slate

Slate is one of the most popular types of natural stone, and it has a number of different uses in Lexington homes. It can look great as shower tile, on countertops, and as flooring. Perhaps the characteristic of slate most people first notice is its rich hue. It can range from dark blues and grays to warmer rust-colored tones. Slate lends itself well to rustic-themed interiors with its natural yet elegant look.

Slate Tile Design

The versatility of slate tile allows it to be incorporated into a variety of décor styles. It works well in rustic environments, but it can also add a nice natural element to a modern design. The spectrum of warm and cool hues allows you to find the right one to achieve a desired color scheme. You can also get creative with the cut and layout of your tile. Use square tiles for a uniform look, or install a variety of irregular-shaped pieces for a random, natural style. If you’re using slate on a wall or fireplace, smaller and thinner strips can create interesting textured designs.

Slate Cleaning & Maintenance

When having the tile installed, you can opt to have a color-enhancing seal applied, which gives the slate a shinier look that mimics the appearance of wet rocks. As with any floor, manufacturer recommendations are the best place to look for cleaning instructions. However, damp mopping is a good starting point for most tiles when just doing regular maintenance. For deeper cleans, find a neutral stone cleaner or mild detergent that won’t damage your floors. Slate is very durable, but you don’t want to leave standing water on the surface. Clean up spills as soon as they happen to prolong the life and beauty of your slate tile.

Does slate tile flooring sound like a good choice for your home? If so, call Floor Coverings International Lexington today to schedule a free in-home design consultation!


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Photo: © ML Harris